How to Make an Outstanding Flyer

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When you want to convey information and grab someone's attention, a simple paper flyer may be the answer. Rather than large and bulky posters, or expensive signs, flyers offer an inexpensive and effective way to communicate. With one quick look at a well-designed flyer, a person can usually grasp your whole message. As with other communication vehicles, a flyer works or does not work well depending on several factors. Here are some techniques you should use to make your flyers stand out.

Use an attention-getting headline. This is a flyer's most important element. If you do not catch someone's eye right away, your message will be lost. Use a question, an interesting quote or a play on words. Words such as "How to," "Learn how," and "The secret to" are best.

Add photos or illustrations that draw people's eyes to the flyer. This picture needs to back up your message and create an emotion or mood. You can find many royalty free photos and illustrations online.

Remember that people will always ask, "What's in it for me?" Let the readers know how they can benefit and what advantages they will have from your offer. Write the flyer from their perspective by using the words "you" and "your." Keep the paragraphs very short and do not use long sentences or difficult words.

Make it easy to see the important parts of the message. Use bullets or arrows for emphasis, or box in the main point. Make it easy to read.

Use a typeface or font that stands out. Do not use more than two different typefaces or put anything in all caps. Sans serif type will be best, because it is more informal. Make the most important words bold or put them in color.

Print the flyer on bright or neon paper. Or, if you have a color printer, use four-color photos and illustrations and a colored typeface. Do not go overboard with too many colors. Keep it simple.


  • Proofread your flyer, and then have someone else proofread it as well.