A memo is a way to communicate with others in your office. Memos usually report on or explain something. They can also make a request. Informal memos may be used to report on something that is not of high importance, or present information to a small number of people or in a less formal setting. When writing an informal memo, be professional and keep it short and to the point. An informal memo should be about one page and include the necessary information.

Place the company’s letterhead at the top of the first page of the informal memo.

Place the phrase “Memo” just under the letterhead.

Place the names of the sender and recipients, as well as the date and subject next. This information should be on separate lines. For an informal memo, keep the subject line short but specific so that the reader can quickly determine what the memo is about. If there is no specific recipient, you can leave off this information.

State the purpose of the memo clearly and specifically in the first paragraph. Try to do this in one to two sentences.

Write a short discussion section to explain the main recommendation or request of the memo. Because this is an informal memo, you can simply state the recommendation. You do not need to include much supporting evidence, facts or other information because you want to be brief. This section should be concise and to the point and must effectively convey the point of the memo and tell the reader what to do next.

State clearly what the reader should do next in a short recommendation or closing section. Even though the memo is informal, it is still important to convey a clear point and recommendation.


Keep everything brief in an informal memo. Write concisely and clearly in as few words as possible.