Gutters play an important role in a home as they take water from the roof and deposit it on the ground a safe distance from the house. This is especially important for homeowners who have basements and want to keep the water out of their home. Seamless gutters ensure that gaps don’t exist in the guttering of a home allowing water to seep through cracks or broken pieces. You can start your own business in this area by learning a few basics of the business.

Step 1.

Learn how to install seamless guttering. Ideally you should have some type of experience or knowledge about seamless gutters before starting your own business. This not only makes you knowledgeable about the products and service when talking to potential customers, but also it allows you to do the installation yourself if needed.

Step 2.

Register your business with the government. Businesses are required to register with both federal and state governments and in some cases with local government as well. For federal you will need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS while the state registration will require you to collect and submit sales tax on what you product and services you sell.

Step 3.

Obtain insurance for your business. Since yourself or your workers will be working on ladders and potentially climbing on roofs it’s important that you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your workers and your business. Not only may you have to pay for injuries a person incurs while working for you, but also you may also need to pay for any damage you cause to someone’s house while installing the guttering. Insurance can help absorb the cost of many of these one-time expenses.

Step 4.

Buy equipment needed. In addition to the guttering you will need to purchase to install on homes or businesses, there is other equipment you will need to purchase to use at every job. Ladders, tools and safety gear are just some of the things you will need, but these expenses should only occur one time unless something breaks or wears out.

Step 5.

Learn how to estimate seamless guttering jobs. Most people seeking seamless gutters request an estimate or quote before they contract with you to complete the job. You should learn how to judge and measure the size of the home and the estimated time it will take you and your crew to complete the project. Once you have this you can determine how much you would charge for the job.

Step 6.

Determine if you’ll have an office or work out of your home. Ninety-five percent of the work involved in seamless guttering is done on-site of the facility where the gutter installation is taking place. Some people with a gutter business find it beneficial to have an office where a receptionist can answer the phone and schedule appointments for people wanting estimates or new gutters installed. Others find it just as effective to carry a cell phone and appointment book with them as this allows them to complete the work and still schedule future work.

Step 7.

Hire staff. Since most installation of guttering takes more than one person you will need to hire staff to assist you. You may also find it helpful to hire staff to do the installation themselves while you work on recruiting new clients.

Step 8.

Advertise your business to customers. Once you’re ready to begin installing guttering on people’s homes it’s important that you advertise your business to let people know about the products and services you provide. Fliers, yellow page advertisements and even a website can help you effectively market your business.


Some customers will ask for references when considering whether or not to hire you for a job. You can get these references by asking former clients or offering to do a few jobs for free in return for customers serving as a reference.