SMS text numbers are short codes that many businesses use to communicate directly with mobile phone users. Many media organizations and consumer product companies and wireless service providers use short code numbers. A short code text is one way that a company can market new services or products to its customers.

Register and obtain your short code with the Common Short Code Administration. This organization handles the registration on your short code number and ensures that your code works for all cell phone carriers associated with the CSCA. Use the CSCA website search engine to find a number.

Apply for the short code number by filling out the CSCA online application. The approval decision will be emailed to you.

Your short code can be randomly assigned or you can choose your own, as long as it is available. Once your short code is set up you will be able to set up mobile marketing and your SMS platform.

Fees for your short code are paid monthly. At the time of publication registering and leasing a number with the CSCA was $1,000 for a selected number and $500 for a random number. You can register for three months, six months or one year. You must renew your number at end of your term.