How to Choose a Good Affiliate Program

A good affiliate program is a must if you want to make money on the Internet. The challenge is determining which affiliate program will be the right fit for you. Affiliate programs are not one size fits all. Making the wrong decision can cost you time and money. Thorough research is key to finding good affiliate programs. You want to weed out the bad ones and build solid relationships with the good ones.

Place a premium on trust -- not only your trust in the affiliate but also your customers' trust in it. Thus, try to gravitate toward the most trusted names online. To find a list of affiliate programs, type "best affiliate programs" into your Internet search engine. You will find a number of sites that offer directories.

Consider commissions. Don't choose programs just because they pay more, but do factor in pay. Most programs base commissions on cost per sale (revenue sharing), which gives you a certain percentage of whatever your customers spend. The more customers you refer through your online advertising, the more money you stand to make. Thus, make sure the program you are endorsing offers the best prices and products for your customers. Also, make sure the program's website is user-friendly, so customers can navigate easily and stay long enough to make purchases. Some programs offer a two-tier system, which means if you refer someone to become an affiliate, you can earn a commission every time he makes a sale.

How the affiliate program pays is just as important as how much it pays. Good affiliate programs treat their affiliates well and pay them in a timely manner. There are affiliate programs that don't pay their affiliates at all, so you need to do your homework. Don't just join because they will accept you. Forums are the best places to find worthy programs, especially marketing forums. Veteran marketers know who pays what and how, and they will enlighten you if you ask. Usually you can find out what you want to know just by reading the threads.

Good affiliate programs also have efficient support systems in place. For example, they send emails when you make a sale and show stats and earnings in real time. Some even supply articles, videos and training programs for their affiliates. When they give you this kind of support, it makes your job easier and puts more money in your pocket.



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