How to Add Pay Per Click Advertising to a Blog

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Pay per click advertising is an Internet advertising model in which advertisers pay website owners a commission for each click of an ad on their site. Pay per click campaigns are passive income for website owners. You simply set up the campaign and are paid for the clicks on the ad. If you learn how to use this advertising model on your blog, you can make easy money.

Step 1

The most popular pay per click model is Google AdSense. Signing up is free. Google matches ads based on your blog's content. This is the most common model used for internet advertising.

Step 2

If you use Google AdSense, there are a few tricks you need to be aware of. You want the ads to blend in with your site, so they don't look like ads, but more like your site's content. Text links often generate more clicks that image ads. You can find all kinds of tips by visiting the Google AdSense blog.

Step 3

Sign up for BidVertiser. This is the same concept as Google AdSense. You sing up as a publisher and ads from advertisers are matched to your site. You are paid based on clicks.

Step 4

Sign up for free affiliate programs like Commission Junction and LinkShare. These sites pay you as the publisher for leads or sign-ups. Leads can pay anywhere from a few cents to $20 or more.


  • Experiment with your pay per click ads. Different ad formats, placement, and content create different results. It may take a while to formulate a combination that produces your desired results.


  • Don't click on your own ads. You will be banned from the programs.

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