How to Start a Pool Cleaning Service

If you're thinking about starting your own business and you live in an area where there are swimming pools, perhaps a pool cleaning service is the business for you. It's not that hard, as long as you know something about pools. It's also a great business because it won't cost a bunch of money to get started. Read on for some tips to getting started in your own pool cleaning service.

Getting Started with a Pool Cleaning Service

Find out what type of business license you will need to get started. This can usually be done at your local city hall. You will need a license to be able to legally operate your pool cleaning service. A license will not only protect you legally, but you'll also be able to purchase your supplies at wholesale prices. Also, customers are more willing to hire someone you has the appropriate license to run their business.

Purchase the tools and materials you will need to operate your business. These will be anything that is needed to clean and service a swimming pool. You will need items such as a pool skimmer, testing kit, and chemicals used to treat the pool and keep it in good shape. A vehicle large enough to haul your supplies, will also be necessary. This can be anything from a small truck, small trailer, or even a station wagon.

Buy your business cards, invoice and contract forms. You can find these items at your local office supply store, or better yet make them yourself. If you make these items at home, you'll be able to personalize them for your pool cleaning service and your specific needs. You will need business cards to generate more business, invoices to bill people and a contract form once you secure a steady customer or job. A calendar is also necessary to keep track of your business schedule and appointments. Be sure to list your contact information and license number on all of your business forms.

Find employees through your local classified ads. You can also ask friends or relatives if they know someone experienced with pools who is looking for work. Make sure to list the required qualifications when looking for hired help. To keep your initial expenses lower, you might want to hire additional help once your business begins to take off.

Advertise your pool cleaning service everywhere possible. Hand out your business cards to friends, family and anyone else who might be interested in your services. Visit local apartment and condominium communities to see if they are looking for a pool service. Larger housing communities who have homes with pools, may also need your service. You can also check with local real estate firms and banks, to see if they have homes on the market who will need these pools maintained. Advertise in local newspapers. Whatever you do, you can't advertise too much.