How to Get a Yahoo! Local Business Listing

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

Yahoo! Local's "search within a search" allows users to narrow searches for products or services to resources within their communities, making it much easier to shop online and target local businesses. With the growth of web-enabled phones, many people are conducting searches by phone rather than by computer. Web searches via a cell phone are typically for local product and services information. Yahoo! Local is an attempt to provide relevant returns for those searches.

See if your business is already listed on Yahoo! Local. Visit Yahoo! and click on the term "local" just above the search box. You should see your local location pop up in a separate box. This is the Yahoo! Local search engine. Type in the appropriate category for your business, such as "barber shops."

If the search reveals a listing of your business, access the listing by requesting to make an edit. Identify yourself as the owner of the listing. This will help secure your listing and prevent someone else from logging on and changing your contact information without your knowledge. Logging onto your site and verifying your information let's Yahoo! know that the listing is correct. Yahoo! will be more confident that the listing is accurate and you should see a "bump" in your local ranking.

If you don't see your business listed, Yahoo! will let you list it for free. The process is easy and Yahoo! will lead you through a series of data screens that will allow you to add information about your company. Spend some time making your profile as complete as possible. The more information you provide the better your ranking on Yahoo!.

You can enter your business into as many as five categories. List your business in as many categories as seems appropriate. Make your first category selection the category that is most applicable to your business or service.


  • There are many factors that determine search engine rankings, but providing complete information, having a business website, and confirming your ownership of your listing are the most important things you can do to improve your rankings.


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