How to Start a Home Based Business Making Gift Baskets

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If you have a flair for assembling gift baskets and would like to work from home, consider starting a mail order gift basket business on the Internet. Websites are a great place to sell gift baskets because you can serve a world market without having to invest in a storefront location. Keep a few tips in mind to improve your odds for success.

Take care of the legalities. Get a business license from your state, city and/or county, depending on the requirements in your location. If you are selling or manufacturing food to go in your gift baskets, check with the Food & Drug Administration, FDA, for any regulations you must follow before selling gift baskets containing food.

Find discount or wholesale suppliers of baskets, decorative boxes, large tins or other attractive containers as well as greeting cards, cellophane, ribbons and bows to add the finishing touches.

Practice making gift baskets, not just to build up a stock, but also to develop your themes and specialties and style. Figure out how you can stand out among your competition.

Sell in person at sales parties hosted at someone's home or on consignment in tourist stores, in addition to the Internet.

Sell perhaps on your own website. Take excellent photos of your products. Write descriptions that both emphasize how appealing your gift baskets are and are optimized for the search engines; thus, your customers will find you when searching for gift baskets. Hire a website designer to create your site with secure shopping cart functionality or design it yourself, if you are familiar with HTML.

Register with a website-hosting service and purchase a domain name. Choose a catchy name for your business selling gift baskets that is evocative of your theme. If you make funny gag gift baskets, for example, then you might call your company A Real Basket Case.

Pay attention to the small details. Offer your customers personalized greeting cards and custom-made gift baskets. Price the gift baskets according to your projected market.


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