How to Start a Home Based Business Making Gift Baskets

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
You can parlay a basket-making hobby into an income stream.

If you have a flair for assembling gift baskets and would like to work from home, consider starting a mail order gift basket business on the Internet. Websites are a great place to sell gift baskets because you can serve a world market without having to invest in a storefront location. Keep a few tips in mind to improve your odds for success.

Step 1

Take care of the legalities. Get a business license from your state, city and/or county, depending on the requirements in your location. If you are selling or manufacturing food to go in your gift baskets, check with the Food & Drug Administration, FDA, for any regulations you must follow before selling gift baskets containing food.

Step 2

Find discount or wholesale suppliers of baskets, decorative boxes, large tins or other attractive containers as well as greeting cards, cellophane, ribbons and bows to add the finishing touches.

Step 3

Practice making gift baskets, not just to build up a stock, but also to develop your themes and specialties and style. Figure out how you can stand out among your competition.

Step 4

Sell in person at sales parties hosted at someone's home or on consignment in tourist stores, in addition to the Internet.

Step 5

Sell perhaps on your own website. Take excellent photos of your products. Write descriptions that both emphasize how appealing your gift baskets are and are optimized for the search engines; thus, your customers will find you when searching for gift baskets. Hire a website designer to create your site with secure shopping cart functionality or design it yourself, if you are familiar with HTML.

Step 6

Register with a website-hosting service and purchase a domain name. Choose a catchy name for your business selling gift baskets that is evocative of your theme. If you make funny gag gift baskets, for example, then you might call your company A Real Basket Case.

Step 7

Pay attention to the small details. Offer your customers personalized greeting cards and custom-made gift baskets. Price the gift baskets according to your projected market.

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