How to Start Your Own Business in Las Vegas

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Many people with great ideas for a business may be overwhelmed with all the steps involved in starting their own company. While the process may seem overwhelming, the state of Nevada is known as a very business-friendly place, and therefore has many resources to help new entrepreneurs. As Nevada's largest city, Las Vegas is a great place for taking advantage of all the state's business development organizations. They make applying for permits, setting up tax accounts, and getting your business off the ground as easy as possible.

Apply for a state business license from the Nevada Department of Taxation at 555 East Washington Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. To confirm hours or required documents before you go, call (702) 486-2300. Set up state income, payroll, and sales tax accounts with the taxation department after you have received your state license.

Obtain a City of Las Vegas business license. This is separate from the state license. City licenses can be obtained at the Las Vegas Business Services Division on the 3rd floor of City Hall, which is located at 400 Stewart Ave in Las Vegas.

Decide what form your business will take. Because of favorable tax laws and pro-business policies, Nevada is one of the most popular states to form corporations in. If you decide to incorporate, you can file your forms with the Nevada Department of Taxation. You will need to provide an application form, a set of Articles of Incorporation, and a small fee.

Create a business plan. This is helpful for pointing out areas of your business that may need further planning, and is required if you plan to apply for financing or small business loans.


  • Las Vegas has a Department of Minority Affairs designed to help women and minorities get started in business. If you fall into this category, don't forget to check out the opportunities available there.