How to Start a Grocery Store Business with Salvage Food

Salvage food discount stores or Banana Box stores are helping consumers stretch their money. Consumers want to save money when shopping for groceries online or when shopping at the groceries store.

New entrepreneurs willing to work hard are starting frugal stores with salvage foods. They buy wholesale lots of salvage canned foods, dry goods, cereals, drinks and organic food at discounted prices.

Find out the State's legal requirements for starting a grocery business. This information is generally available at the state Tax or Finance departments.

This article tells you where to get these salvage groceries for your business.

_*_What you will sell***

Start a grocery store business with inventory from big supermarkets. Major Supermarkets auction their groceries after they suffer minor damages in the way to the stores. Supermarkets like Kroger and stores like targets and Walmart will auction the damaged groceries.

These groceries are sent to salvage centers to be sold at discount. Wholesale liquidators buy these groceries by bulk to resell it to store owners. This is what you will sell:

**___Frugal Groceries *__*New boxed cereals *__*Canned food _*__Pet food *___*Noodles and Pasta *__Fruit Preserve jars *___*Beverages


_*_How much do you charge***

Start a grocery store business selling at deep discount. At a salvage grocery store business, you will offer food to your customers well below the retail prices at the big grocery stores. Salvage inventory is made up of brands that customers buy daily, and more consumers are opting for frugal grocery shopping.

Names such as Procter & Gamble, Kellogg, Kraft and Coca Cola are sold at these salvage grocery stores.


_*_Where do you sell it***

Start a grocery store business by selling salvage food retail at a grocery store front. Salvage food can also be sold at a flea market.

*Where do you buy the groceries inventory*

There are many salvage food liquidators online, do a search for "salvage food suppliers" to find them.

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