Business cards are important tools to promote your business and make it visible to the public. Over the years, the design of business cards has evolved from simple to high-quality depending on the specifications. You can create your own business card with a map using the MS Publisher software.

Go to Google Maps and look up your business address. On your browser, type, then press enter.

The location of your business will be marked on the map. You will need to copy this location so you can put it in your business card. Since the map shown is too wide, you may want to crop the picture and just show the nearby streets and landmarks closest to your business location. Press ALT + Prt Sc on your keyboard to capture the screen. Open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the picture. Crop the specific area of the map you want to paste in your business card. Save your file.

Open the MS Publisher program in your computer. Go to Start-> All Programs-> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Publisher 2007. You will be asked what project you will work on. Select Business Cards option.

You will be shown different templates of business cards. You have the choice to pick from one of them or you can start from scratch. In this example, I will use one of the templates. It is much easier to work on them since the elements are already there. You just have to remove or add them depending on your needs. Once you selected your design, click the Create button.

Work on the initial design of your business card by supplying the business name, contact name, contact number, and other relevant information.

You are now ready to insert the picture of your business map. On the menu bar, click Insert-> Picture-> From File. Locate the previously saved picture of your business map, then click the Insert button. Resize the map and place in on the specific position in your business card.

Do the final editing, then print your business cards and give them to your friends and future contacts.