How to Start Your Own Business in SC

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South Carolina is a great place to start a business. It has a population of about 4 million and welcomes about 30 million visitors each year, which adds up to about 7.3 billion in revenue for businesses. But the state imposes certain requirements you must meet before it opens its doors to your new endeavor.

Apply for a business license with your county or city. Contact your city and county's business offices to determine the requirements. The fees for a business license in the state of South Carolina range between $50 and $100.

Register your business name with the State of South Carolina. If your business name is different than your legal name, you will need to register the name with the South Carolina business office.

Choose a location for your business. If your business will need a physical location, secure a leasing agent to assist in finding good locations. The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce can give you a list of referrals for reputable agents in your city.

Consider getting a tax identification number, especially If you plan to hire employees or don't like the idea of using your Social Security number for business operations. The IRS will issue you a temporary identification number when you apply online. They will then send you a confirmation letter in the mail.

Register with the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. This is an organization that represents the needs of business owners in the South Carolina community. Belonging to this organization will also expose you to networking opportunities to grow your business.


  • Find a mentor in your community. Once you have chosen a business idea, find a non-competing business in your area. Ask the business owner if she would be willing to act as you mentor.


  • Remember to renew your business license annually. Most counties and cities in the state of South Carolina will send you a renewal notice. If you have a lapse in your business license, you could be subject to fines and penalties.