How to Package a Book Through Media Mail

Media Mail is a shipping alternative offered by the U.S. Postal Service for any packages containing books, recordings, printed music and other types of media. It is a cost-effective way for those who sell these items online to ship them to buyers. However, in order to obtain Media Mail rates, the shipper must abide by several packaging rules.

Package the book in an appropriate manner. Wrap any fragile books, such as antiques, in bubble wrap, and make sure to put softcover books in stiff envelopes or boxes. Use a marker to clearly label the front of the packages with the recipient's address and the return address. Do not seal envelopes or boxes, in case they need to be inspected at the post office.

Remove any advertisements, personal notes or non-media items from the packaging and ship them separately. These items do not qualify for the Media Mail rate, and if they are discovered the shipper will be charged the full rate for the package rather than the discounted Media Mail price.

Weigh the package on a scale if it is large or heavy. The weight limit on Media Mail items is 70 pounds, and anything heavier than that must be shipped using standard means.

Measure the package around its thickest part. The limit on Media Mail packages is 108 inches in perimeter around the thickest part.

Mark the package as "Media Mail" somewhere on its surface. There is software available for you to print Media Mail postage from your own printer.