How to Write A Powerful Headline

Writing for the Internet starts with a powerful headlines. These can be viewed on the front page of newspapers, verbally said as teasers for TV or written effectively for your articles. Focus on what is in your customer's mind. Understand what they need and write the headline focusing on your understanding of, or identifying with, that need. Here are essential items to know and incorporate into your headline to make it powerful when writing for the Internet.

When writing for the Internet, powerful headlines will get your readers to continuing reading. You have the knowledge of your product, service or offer and know the value of it for your readers. Your challenge is to get them to understand, too. When a headline catches their eye, because it relates to something they are wanting or dealing with, they will stop to scan or actually read the rest of your copy.

Writing a headline for the Internet should appeal to your reader's basic needs. The importance of a powerful headline is that it grabs your reader's attention. To accomplish that you need to get into your target recipient's head and understand what they want, need and desire. Before you begin to write your attention-grabbing headline, keep in mind that there are five basic human motivators including: Physiological, which are basic needs including hunger, shelter, clothing; safety, which are physical, emotional and financial; social, which is the need for love, companionship and acceptance; self esteem, which is the need for achievement, recognition, respect and attention; and self actualization, which is one's need to reach one's full potential. Appeal to your reader's emotions, needs, wants and desires by incorporating these motivators into your headline.

When you do not know where to begin writing your headline use one of these formulas for write intriguing headlines. They include how to, question, command, news and testimonials. For example, "How To Sell Your House When The Market Is Down." Begin with "how to," which appeals to the readers' desire to learn. If the headline offers a solution to their situation they will continue reading. Or "Are You Tired of Trying to Lose Those Extra Pounds?" Questions instantly appeal to your readers' emotions and curiosity. When they read a headline in the form of a question the reader instantly tries to answer the question and then compares their personal answer with your content. Another example is, "Double Your Traffic in Six Months -- Guaranteed." Focuses on the most important benefit your product will provide your reader for a command headline. It demands their attention.

Your headline needs to be engaging and interesting so that it excites those that read your information. It also can be stated in the form of urgency. Use this formula when you want the reader to take some type of action. Provide them with an offer for a limited period of time; offer limited supplies of a particular product; state that this is a seasonal specials; use a time stamp stating that you will beat any competitors price for a day, week and month; offer them a free gift when they take a particular action; and provide daily deals to create reaction. All of these need to be taken seriously by you. If you say limited-time offer, then you need to ensure that at the end of the time you specified, the offer is no longer available.

Segmenting your audience into specific audiences allows you to talk directly to their needs. Each segment, from your total target audience, should share the same needs, wants or desires. Know what type of medium you are writing for so you can identify which of your segments your copy is targeting. Create your headline to show your segments that you understand their situation and how your product will be valuable to resolve that situation.


  • Your headline, when writing for the Internet, has only a few seconds to get your reader's attention. If your headline does not catch their attention they will move on. Understand the human needs of, and motivators for, your readers and use these headline formulas to write powerful headlines that are captivating and will be read.



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