Some words are better than others for selling. Depending on what product you're trying to sell, certain words will be more suited than others. Power words have always been used in advertising, incorporated into elements such as headlines, body copy and taglines of advertisements. However, you also have to be careful to not use too many buzz words, because the copy will appear too busy or your brand will be perceived as one that oversells.

Sale Products

Sale words need to be attention-grabbing. People are naturally attracted to sales, because it means they're getting a discounted price. The word "free" is probably the most enticing sale word and is often found in phrases such as "buy one get one free." Another benefit of sale advertisements is that they bring customers into your store or on your website. They might initially be drawn in by the sale but will browse other products you offer as well. Other good sale words for advertisements are "savings," "bargain" and "special offer."

Expensive Products

Word choice is extremely important when advertising expensive items. You want consumers to be aware that your product is high end, but you also don't want to deter their interest in the product. Another important element of word choice for expensive items is making the consumer feel special. Words such as "you" make them feel like the product is exclusively made for them. Other words such as "exclusive" and "limited edition" also show that your products are high end or expensive. If your product is expensive but offers features such as lifetime guarantees words such as "lifetime" and "results" are a great way to advertise to consumers that it's a good investment.

New Products

Just as with sales, people are attracted to products that are new. Since new is often synonymous with excitement, words such as "exciting" and "hip" are a good draw when advertising new products. Also, to emphasize the urgency of buying the new item, words such as "immediately" and "now" help to get people to buy right away. Make sure to chose words that emphasize how special and innovative the product is, such as "hot" and "fresh."

Limited-Time Products

When products are only offered for a limited time, the words you chose to advertise are very important. They need to be attention-grabbing, because you don't have any time to spare when selling. Also, they need to explicitly explain to the consumer that the product will not always be available. Words such as "offer," "direct," "limited," and "immediately" express urgency and are time-sensitive.