How to Print shipping label at home for free

Do you frequently mail stuff in your local Post Office? Are you not tired of so many trips to the Post Office when you only need to send one Priority Mail? Well, if you are a big seller on eBay then you need to know how to ship your items without driving to your local USPS or Post Office. You can now print your own shipping labels at home using your printer and then request for Pickup to ship your boxes.

eBay sellers of course needs their printer to print shipping labels at their own home for free and ship it hassle free. It's better also if you have your PayPal account so that you have two options to print the shipping labels in your home for free. But you still have to pay for the shipping that's why even if you just print a label it doesn't meant that you are free from shipping cost.

After printing the shipping labels, you can then request for pickup the boxes at your house. It is free to pick up your items as long as you have one Priority Mail or package in it. You do not have to be an eBay sellers to request for free Carrier Pickup with your stuff. Anyone can ask for pickup as long as your area is covered with the free Carrier pickup provided that you are mailing an Express Package or a Priority Mail.

You will also get your free delivery confirmation or tracking number after printing your shipping labels at home. And you the eBay seller and buyer can track the package online. Insurance is included for all Priority Mail or Package and if you want more Insurance then you can also ask for that in your Post Office.

If you are not selling anything on eBay or using PayPal account, then you can still print your own shipping labels at home but you have to sign up an account at USPS dot com. Pay the shipping cost using your Credit Card online, it's always free to print the labels online but what will you do after you printed the labels if you will not pay for the shipping cost. It is free to print your labels and also free to pickup that stuff, all you need to pay is the shipping cost as long as it is Priority or Express. You might also need to download a free software to be able to print a label online. Just visit the official site of USPS to download the free software.

If you need stamps to ship the items then you can print it also from your computer and it's free to print but you will have to pay for the stamps itself. Well, everything can be done online so what's your complaint about.

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