How to Get Your Book Accepted and Read by Book Clubs

Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Although book clubs may not make or break an author's book sales, word of mouth sure does help. The perk about a book club is that if the members like the book, they will soon pass the word to their friends, family and coworkers. In order to get your book accepted to a book club, it must first be ready for print, you should be willing to speak or be present at the book club event, and the book club must cater to your target audience.

Make sure your book is completely copyedited and ready for exposure. Although your book may be on an interesting topic, the dialogue accurate and the cover art appealing, book-club members tend to be careful readers and will quickly pick up preventable proofreading and copyediting errors.

Research what book clubs are reading by visiting their websites or looking at their reviews online. Although there is a surplus of book clubs worldwide, that doesn't mean every book club will be interested in your book. Pay attention to what the book clubs are rating online or which authors they feature on their website. Present your book to a club that will be interested in the genre or subject matter.

Contact the book club to see whether they'd be interested in reading your work. Book club websites usually list a contact person, mailing address or email address.

If you are asked to attend a book-club meeting, show up with a smile. Book-club members sometimes include aspiring authors, and they may want to grill you about the publishing process. Be accommodating and answer questions honestly. Follow up your meeting with a handwritten thank-you card. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Have copies of your book on hand at the meeting. Some book-club members may not want to buy the book online. Other book-club members may prefer e-books and other members may prefer to buy the book directly from you instead of the bookstore to make sure that you get all the funds.

If asked to, sign your book. The book-club members can then say, "I knew this author when...."