How to Write a Letter of Arbitration

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Write a Letter of Arbitration

How to Write a Letter of Arbitration. A letter of arbitration is an agreement between two parties stating what will happen if a dispute arises. You can write the arbitration letter before a dispute has happened or after the fact. Use these tips to write a letter of arbitration so you can resolve disputes without going to court.

Keep your letter short and to the point. Using clear language, list the subject matter, the parties involved in the dispute, the costs, the awards and the terms of agreement. Include the date the letter was written and the dates concerning the dispute and resolution.

Introduce yourself and the disputing party in the first paragraph. State your concerns and outline your issues in specific detail.

Follow the introduction by a list of details that makes up the agreement that the parties have agreed to bide by. Include all steps and all issues that may arise.

Outline the steps to be taken during arbitration, the details of these steps and the outcome of the arbitration.

Check the Federal Arbitration Act, which states the terms and conditions needed in arbitration or view samples of arbitration clauses and letters at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Write the letter in a non-biased third party view or hire a professional arbitrator to write the letter for you.

Include any money that will be awarded to either party. Include the amount, the payment day, the payee and the receiver.

Make sure the agreement is signed by both parties. Have a lawyer look over the letter of arbitration. Keep a signed copy of the agreement and give a copy to all parties involved.

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