How to Create a Donut Shop Menu

How to Create a Donut Shop Menu. Every morning, thousands of people visit many donut shops looking for coffee and donuts. There are many more items that can and should be sold in a donut shop so that your shop appeals to all kinds of people. Create your donut shop menu with lasting business in mind using these suggestions.

Put donuts on your menu. This should include traditional favorites such as plain, cream, cinnamon, powdered and jelly. Include a special donut-of-the-week flavor to bring customers back for something different.

Sell coffee, tea, milk and a variety of juices. You can also add sports drinks and specialty coffees such as cappuccino for extra sales.

Add bagels and muffins to your donut shop menu. Many people like a fresh blueberry or banana nut muffin in the morning or a bagel with cream cheese. You can choose two sizes of muffins to please all appetites.

Prepare simple breakfast sandwiches such as, bacon, sausage or ham and egg on a biscuit or toast. Some people want more than a donut first thing in the morning. When they know you have what they want on your menu, they will use your shop for one stop breakfast shopping.

Make a large hanging menu board that customers can easily see when they are waiting for service. Make sure all selections are in large colorful letters with the prices clearly marked so your customers know how much everything costs on your donut shop menu.

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