How to Write a Sell Sheet

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When selling property, a sell sheet is a key marketing tool real estate agents use to introduce and leave information with potential buyers to review. Without visiting the property, what makes one home different from the other is how well it is described in words and photos on the sell sheet. An effective sell sheet also has a call to action where information is available on how to schedule a showing or obtain more information.

Description with Photos

Photos are as important as words when marketing a home on the sell sheet. For it to work effectively, include details along with the photos, especially for rooms that might look the same from one house to the next. For example, a photo of a bathroom might say, "Newly installed heated flooring in the guest bathroom." A photo of a gaming room might say, "Newly carpeted gaming room with built-in bar."

Write for the Buyer

The audience for the sell sheet is the buyer, so don't rely on a cut and paste of MLS information to complete a sell sheet. MLS information typically lists generic categories of description for the home, but a sell sheet needs to be promotional by distinguishing what makes this home better than the next. It might detail things that matter to the buyer like location, condition and features. For example: "Perfect starter home located near shopping, schools and transportation. Newly renovated bathrooms with double sink and vanity."


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