If you work as a barber, but have dreams of starting your own business, open your own barbershop. Running a barbershop is relatively easy and low maintenance. Besides, people will always need haircuts. Thus, you'll operate a business that is practically recession-proof.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Business loan

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Location

Step 1.

Attend barber school. Before you can start your own barbershop, you'll need to become a barber. Barber school is inexpensive, and you can complete school and obtain your license within a short period.

Step 2.

Gain relevant work experience. You can open your barbershop immediately after barber school. However, it's best to gain experience working in a barbershop. Thus, you'll build a strong client base.

Step 3.

Decide between buying an existing barbershop or starting a new business. There are different ways to start a barbershop. You can purchase an existing shop. This is the easiest choice, especially since the shop has equipment, barbers and clients. Unfortunately, this approach is more expensive. If you don't have the capital to buy a shop, build your own business.

Step 4.

Look for a location and be professional. Location is the key with any type of business. Situate your barbershop in an area that receives a lot of traffic. Thus, you'll save money on advertisements. In addition, create a professional, warm atmosphere.

Step 5.

Find a supplier. You'll need to purchase styling chairs, shampoo basins, shampoo chairs, clippers and other equipment. Plenty of wholesale distributors service barbershops. Research different suppliers and compare prices.

Step 6.

Offer additional services. There are likely a lot of barbershops in your immediate area. If so, you'll need to make your shop stand out. Consider offering extra services such as military discounts, massages and complimentary beverages.

Step 7.

Hire a few good barbers. Your shop's success and your income depend on steady customers. In turn, you'll need a staff of experienced barbers to service these customers. Advertise for help. Ideally, choose barbers who have clients.


If you need funding to open your barbershop, look into the Small Business Administration for detailed information on how to create a good business plan. Lenders require a thorough examination of your enterprise before they will issue loans or credit.