Sending packages through the mail is a very convenient and easy way to get items to your friends and families. However, sometimes packages get lost and it can be a hassle to retrieve them. Luckily, you can file a claim and get your lost package back.

Step 1.

Contact the sender of the package. In order to claim a lost package through U.S. Postal Service, the mailer of the package has to be the person to file the claim. If you haven’t received a package, make sure the person who sent files the claim for the package.

Step 2.

Find the tracking number. The tracking number on a package is the best way to find a package that has been lost. By keeping the tracking number, you will be able to claim a lost package quickly by matching the two numbers.

Step 3.

Contact customer service. The Postal Service is willing to help their customers with whatever problems you may have. By calling customer service, representatives will be able to help you claim your lost package.

Step 4.

Check that you can file a claim. There are certain restrictions on which packages can be claimed as lost. Make sure that you know if the Postal Service will allow you to claim your lost package.

Step 5.

Keep track online. After filing a claim and waiting to claim your lost item, keep track of the progress on your package by making an account online. Through this account you can describe your package and see if it is found.

Step 6.

Buy insurance for your package before it is shipped. This way, if your package cannot be claimed, you can receive money to resend the package.

Step 7.

Check that the package was actually sent before you file a claim. This way you can be sure that filing a claim for a lost package it absolutely necessary and that you don’t cause any problems with the Postal Service.