How to Start a Business Card Business

How to Start a Business Card Business. Even though today's business technology is changing fast, paper business cards are still a popular way for individuals to advertise themselves. Starting a third-party business card business may not be a bad idea. Here are some general steps you may want to take in setting up a service for busy entrepreneurs to help them get their calling cards done quickly and efficiently.

Make deals with the printing and engraving shops you'll be using on a continual basis. You can often get bulk deals that will help you push profit margins without overcharging your clients.

Go after clients. You'll need to get yourself out there and advertise your services, whether it's through the Internet, print media, word of mouth or other innovative outreach approaches.

Handle incoming requests with handy Internet submission pages or paper questionnaires. This is a large part of your service. Offer clients an abundance of clear choices in everything from paper stock and color to printing and engraving choices, logo design, text sizes and fonts.

Advertise ongoing client services. Retain new clients by anticipating any changes they will go through, including job title changes, name changes or anything else that will require them to update their card designs.

Specialize. Your clients will know you by your best efforts: A shop that can provide great service in one small area is better than just another general competitor in a sea of generic service providers. Help your clients with creative graphic design capabilities, specific print shop connections and more to really excel in what you're doing.

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