How to Start a Deck Building Business

How to Start a Deck Building Business. Homeowners can easily upgrade their property value and get a whole lot more use of their property by adding a deck. As home entertaining and nesting trends continue to grow, a growing need exists for quality businesses who can build home improvement projects, like decks.

Buy a franchise or a license from one of the many deck builders who grow their own companies by putting others in business with their proven methods and processes. You can learn a lot from business people who have made all the mistakes for you and are willing to sell their knowledge and their name for a small piece of your income. Some companies even take a one-time fee for the use of their business model.

Find a homebuilder or contractor who needs a sub to build decks. Deliver good work on time and you will be so busy with referrals you won't need to look for any more jobs.

Set up a booth at home shows in your area. Get some nice brochures printed and build a small deck as part of your booth to showcase your special work. Homeowners attend shows looking for professionals and ideas at shows. Offer a show deal for a limited time.

Invest in computer aided design software so that you build designs for customers and send them out electronically. You also can get the closest measurements and look from a software program, compared to hand drawings.


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