How to Replace Parts for a Paper Shredder

How to Replace Parts for a Paper Shredder. Like any other piece of office equipment, paper shredders are prone to break down after much use. You must decide if it is worth the time and effort to fix your existing paper shredder.

Unplug the paper shredder before you begin to replace parts. Examine the shredder to see if the case is sonically welded on. If it is, then you'll have extreme difficulty removing it and attaching it again correctly. It may even be impossible to remove a case that's sonically welded.

Remove the case, if it isn't welded on, and take a look at the parts inside. Pay special attention to the gears. Broken gears are usually the cause of problems with paper shredders.

Make sure the parts you need to replace are available before you continue disassembling the paper shredder. You can sometimes find parts at office supply stores. If these parts not in stock at these stores, ask the staff to special order the replacement parts. Also, many online companies allow you to order replacement parts for paper shredders.

Locate the motor phasing capacitor after you've removed the case. It looks like a metal cylinder. This capacitor holds an electrical charge so you need to short-out its two terminals before you begin to replace parts for a paper shredder. Use an old screwdriver for this task and watch out for the arc.

Replace bad circuit boards and switches a set even though only one may be causing the problem. It's the easiest way to replace parts for a paper shredder if you find that it's running in reverse but not forward. A bad circuit board, indicator switch or safety switch could cause a lack of motor activity even if you have power.


  • In lower end and smaller paper shredders, the cases are welded shut to prevent user access. If you have one of these paper shredders, then it may be more cost effective to simply buy a new one.

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