How to Replace Copier Toner

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Replace Copier Toner

How to Replace Copier Toner. Replacing the toner in your copy machine is a quick and easy task that typically only takes a few minutes. Use these instructions to determine if your copy machine's toner cartridge is empty.

Open the toner hatch in your copier. If you are unable to locate the toner hatch, check your copier's manual for directions.

Pull out the old toner cartridge. Roll or shake the cartridge gently to determine if it's completely empty. If it appears that there may still be toner in the cartridge, return it and try copying again.

Remove the completely empty cartridge. Set it aside on a piece of paper or in a box to prevent toner from dirtying the area.

Open the packaging of the new cartridge. Locate the instructions for installation. Roll or shake the cartridge and remove a protective film or cap before installing it in the copier.

Install the new toner cartridge. Close the toner hatch of the copier and print a test copy to ensure that the copier is working.

Dispose of the old cartridge according to any instructions given in the packaging. Consider recycling the cartridge. Visit your local copier, printer supply or online store for options to recycle or dispose of used cartridges (see Resources).


  • Handle toner cartridges carefully to avoid getting toner on your hands, clothing or furniture. If you get toner on yourself or a surface, try blowing or brushing the toner off rather than wetting it.

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