How to Identify Goals for a Beauty Salon Business Plan. Attracting clients for hair-stylists challenges even the most astute business owners. Learning how to identify goals for a beauty salon business plan proves equally demanding. Comb through the details of running a successful beauty salon by first pinpointing goals to move the business forward.

Step 1.

Incorporate personal values into the business plan. Identify a list of individual attributes and weave them into the salon philosophy. Write a mission statement that aligns with those values before setting any goals.

Step 2.

Visualize the beauty salon's long-term success. Think about how prosperity looks and what needs to happen to develop the vision. For instance, if the owner envisions a business that includes massage therapy then hiring a masseur becomes one of the goals.

Step 3.

Determine who will manage the salon such as a board of directors or a management team. Draft a job description for each person and write down individual roles. Invest in legal counsel and an accountant. Develop policies and procedures. Put all of this into the business plan.

Step 4.

Outline the salon's main objectives. Consider start-up costs, licensing, advertising, competitors and marketing. Consult with people who own other beauty salons or possess knowledge about a similar industry. Press them for best practices and examples of challenges. Learn from their success and failures.

Step 5.

Develop an organizational structure that includes personnel. Explore the benefits of establishing a code of ethics. Figure out the salon's location, layout and hours of operation. Think about any other necessities such as product pricing and put them into the plan. Operate a successful beauty salon by defining goals that bolster the business.


Search the Internet for samples of beauty salon business plans and develop goals according to those models.