How to Write a Job Offer Letter

How to Write a Job Offer Letter. When you perform the hiring duties for a company, you'll want to create a job offer letter template. This letter acts as a written document of your intention to hire the selected candidate. Although you want to personalize each job offer letter, you can base each one around the following general guidelines.

Use a professional letter template. You can find these in any word processing program, including Microsoft Word. Fill in the date, name and address as formatted in the template.

Open with your intention to hire the candidate. Clearly state the name of your company and the title of the position you're offering the person. Following the title of the position, you should list the duties the person will complete while holding this job.

Spell out the pay rate and benefits package. You need to give an accurate salary number in the body of a job offer letter.

Give information about the benefits package, including insurance, stock options and retirement plans.

End with a space for the person to sign. You'll want the candidate to sign the job offer letter and return it to you for his HR file. You should also sign and date the letter.


  • You don't need to draw up a job offer letter until you have verbally confirmed that the person plans to take the job. Write the letter after you've finished salary negotiations. Remember to make the candidate a copy of the job offer letter after you have both signed it. She'll likely want to save it in the case of any discrepancies with her salary or benefits package.

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