How to Start a Candy Stand

How to Start a Candy Stand. Whether you wanted to start a candy stand when you were young or you want to start one now as an adult, it's easy to get your small business up and running. Decide how you will market your candy, which candies you will stock and where your candy stand will be located. Learn how to start a candy stand and fulfill your sweetest dreams.

Start building your candy stand business by writing up a simple candy business plan. It does not matter what age you are, only that you need a plan to get started. Writing this plan will help you get organized.

Choose where you will place this stand and find a busy location traffic area. You will want to have your stand somewhere where everyone can see it.

Decide on the candies for your stand. Choose a variety of candy flavors such as chocolates, fruit chews, nut bars and chocolate bars, as well as a lot of sour things mixed in. You can also choose to specialize in one type of candy but with many variations, like chocolates.

Get a license from the local government so you are allowed to legally put up a kiosk candy stand. You must have a license before you start selling candy to people on the streets. Make sure you have any legal paperwork taken care of.

Build your candy stand from some wood and make it secure. Start setting up the candy you have purchased wholesale from a candy developer or from a warehouse store. Start selling to customers walking by.

Remember to have your own candy stand name on top of your stand. Think of something creative for your stand. Decide if you want to have a specific theme or logo.


  • Don't let your candy, especially chocolates, melt.

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