How to Plan a Conference Call

How to Plan a Conference Call. In the corporate world, meetings are a vital part of communication. One way to conduct meetings in which participants may be in different offices, or even different parts of the world, is by scheduling a conference call. Although conference calls can be a convenient way to communicate, there are a few steps you should take to plan one successfully. Follow these tips to plan a conference call.

Decide on a date and time for your conference call. Be sure to take any participants who reside in different time zones into account when planning the time. You don't want to plan a conference call for a time before or after your colleagues would normally be in the office.

Arrange for a conference call number from your company's conference center, or contact an online provider who facilitates conference calls. This often involves setting up and account and paying a small fee, but it is a convenient option if your company does not offer conferencing services.

Prepare a meeting request detailing the date, time and proposed topic. This should be sent via email to the conference call participants several weeks ahead of time to give them ample time to accommodate your conference call. Be sure to include specific dialing instructions and any PIN numbers the participants will need to access the call.

Create an agenda for the conference call. Your agenda should cover what you would like the conference call to achieve, what deliverables will be required following the call and which participants will be responsible for the next steps.

Send the agenda and any supplemental information the participants will need to review several days prior to the call. You might include spreadsheets or reports that provide background for the topic you plan to address.

Follow up personally with any participants you have not received confirmation from the day before the conference call. A phone call is best in this case, since the participant may not have received your email with the meeting request.


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