How to Sell Cardboard

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Do you have a pile of cardboard boxes lying around and taking up space? Have you thought about selling them for their recycle value but don't know where to start? Follow the tips below to pocket a few extra bucks from your cardboard.

Prepare your cardboard boxes for easy transportation. Plastic garbage bags, trash cans, and barrels all work great for this function. Gather all the cardboard together in anything that is easy to carry. The bed of a pickup truck works well also.

Check the yellow pages for a recycler. Look under 'recycling' or 'recycling services' to locate one in your area. Call and ask if they buy cardboard. If so, ask the price per pound. If you are lucky enough to have more than one in your listings, call around and see which one is paying the most.

Take your cardboard to the recycler. Usually, they will ask you to drive onto a scale. After you dump the boxes, you drive back on the scale and the difference in weight is the amount you are paid. Some may simply weigh your containers with and without the cardboard. Either way, you are going to receive cash or a check for your old boxes. You are also doing an important community service that saves landfill space!


  • It's best to have at least a couple hundred pounds of cardboard before cashing it in. It makes it more worth your time to take a large group. Another way to find more cardboard is to offer your service as a recycler. You can pay individuals for their boxes at a lower price than what you receive from the recycler. Many people would be very happy to have this door-step service.


  • Never try to overload your containers with rocks or other foreign material before taking them to the recycler. It's unethical and can get you into trouble.


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