You can potentially make money off electronic scrap that is otherwise discarded as waste. When an electronic device such as a computer or TV ceases to function, it does not mean that all its parts are useless. Some components can be recovered for reuse as is or after servicing. In some cases the entire gadget can be salvaged and sold for recycling. There are several strategies you can use to make money in scrap electronics business.

Identify the Market

Electronic devices contain materials that can be sold to different scrap dealers. Most of them will contain plastic, glass and metals -- materials that may be sought by industrial clients. Determine what type of electronics you will deal in, whether TVs, computers, cameras or video game consoles, then identify potential buyers from an Internet search, the local directory or Yellow Pages. Contact these buyers to ascertain whether they will buy the gadgets in whole or require specific parts. You will need to have some knowledge about constituent parts if you are going to strip the equipment for these components or hire someone with a suitable skill set.


Have a budget for a storage facility or warehouse because you will need a place to store your collection before it is delivered to clients. How big will depend on the type of electronic equipment and how soon your clients can take them. Plan to have a truck or van as well, to transport the wares. A visit to your branch of the federal Environmental Protection Agency will offer guidelines on handling and disposal of harmful substances from computer monitors and TVs like lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel and zinc. These have to be taken to a specialist firm for further processing, such as a smelter where the lead is recovered.

Sell Salvaged Scrap

You can make money in three ways. Depending on your product niche and the market you have identified, you can make money selling the equipment to clients, who may refurbish the items for sale. Second, depending on your expertise, you can salvage parts that are still usable and sell them to prospective buyers. This can also be done online via your website or on eBay. The third possibility is to charge people who want to dispose of their broken TVs and other electronics.

Establish a Repair Shop

If you have the technical know-how, you can open a repair shop for home electronics such as computers or TVs. Your work will be to cannibalize the electronic equipment you collect for functional components to be used in fixing broken items from customers. If you are tech-savvy and innovative, you can create new gadgets with the components you collect from scrap.