Getting a song played on the radio is not as hard as it used to be. With the advent of Internet radio, independent college stations and local radio stations springing up in small towns, a person pitching a song to radio stands a good chance of getting some airplay. You need to make a plan and follow some simple guidelines, and you can succeed in getting stations to play your song at least once.

Step 1.

Determine your genre. Radio stations establish their identities by choosing one genre of music and sticking with it. Don't send rap music to a rock n' roll station, and don't send country to a jazz station. Listen to a variety of stations, and practice identifying the genres they play. Determine which genre your music best fits into.

Step 2.

Develop a target list of radio stations. Use a site such as the Radio-locator website to find all the stations that play your style of music. This will be your marketing list.

Step 3.

Find the program directors' names. Every radio station has a program director who chooses the music the station will play. Large stations usually only play established artists, but small stations often have program directors who will listen to new music. Online sites such as Radio-locator list program directors' names and addresses.

Step 4.

Mail your CD with one song on it to each program director. Include a brief bio of the artist and a description of what kind of response the song has gotten locally. Some stations will let you email an MP3 of your song, and if they like it, they will write to you and ask for a higher-quality CD.


Get your fan base to call and request your song once a radio station begins to play it.