How to Games for Team Bonding

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Games for Team Bonding

This will give you simple instructions on a team building exercise that is considered a game for team bonding.

Step 1

Make a 5X5 Grid like a Bingo Card. Write FREE in center space. In other spaces put items like "Born in another state" or "Is an Elvis FAN"- tailor it to your employees.


Step 2

Make a copy for each of your employees and have them see how many signatures they can get from each team member.

Step 3

The team member can only sign one space. The employee who gets their card signed first WINS!


  • Be creative so your employee has to ask questions to get to know the employee!


  • Your employee is going to get to know their team much quicker this way. This will be so rewarding for all involved.

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