How to Sell Wine Gift Baskets From Home

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How to Sell Wine Gift Baskets From Home. Starting a home-based business is a preferred way to generate income for many reasons. Selling wine gift baskets from your home is a great example. Before you begin marketing and selling your custom gift baskets, you may want to consider some business-savvy techniques that have helped many home-based business entrepreneurs.

Determine your cost to make each basket. Make a list of everything that goes into the basket, including the basket, cellophane or wrapping, stuffing, ribbon and, of course, the wine. This becomes your cost basis, and you will want to at least double that cost when you price your baskets.

Maintain competitiveness. Compare your price to other gift baskets of the same type. If your cost is too high, find ways to create baskets and sell them so that you remain competitive. Check out all your competitors, and find your niche market in pricing.

Create sample display baskets and prices for each. Take appealing pictures of your display baskets. As you create a price list for each basket, find a way to differentiate the baskets and prices by names, sizes, or types of wine and condiments that you choose. Consider creating specialty baskets too, such as Valentine's Day, birthdays and New Year's Eve.

Make a list of everyone you know. Pretend that you are creating a list of people to invite to a family member's wedding. This strategy should net a list that has approximately 250 names. Include people that you conduct business with as well, such as your dentist or insurance agent.

From the list of names that you generated, group people by geographic locations. Those that live near you are candidates for a home party invitation-or wine basket debut at your house. For those who are too far for a personal visit, create an email announcement that contains the pictures and prices of your baskets.

Create a Web site and also market your business locally. Create flyers and get permission to post them in public places. Ask local retailers if you can display your baskets in their stores and sell them on consignment. Host home-based wine basket parties before major holidays. Create a Web site to showcase your baskets and generate orders. Contact your local newspaper and let them know that you're selling baskets, and that you donate a percentage of your proceeds to charity-if indeed that is the case.

Let people know that your wine gift baskets are available and that you sell them from your home or ship them. Clearly publish your telephone number, email address and Web site address on your flyers, business cards and the local newspaper.


  • Consider creating promotional baskets to give away for your new business. Events such as fundraisers are a good way to market and promote your baskets. If you choose to host parties to sell your baskets from your home, offer door prizes for those people who bring their friends.


  • If you take orders via email or through your Web site, create a disclosure that you do not sell your baskets to anyone under age. Ask the purchaser to confirm that they are of legal age before they can place the order. Know what zip codes you can ship alcohol to, and make sure you follow each state's laws.