How to Open a Sandwich Shop

How to Open a Sandwich Shop. Everyone likes sandwiches and a common dream is to open a sandwich shop to feed all these hungry people. It takes more than meat and bread to open a successful sandwich shop but they are certainly two of the ingredients. Read on to find out the rest of the menu to open your sandwich shop.

Pick a location to open your sandwich shop. The best locations will be high traffic areas in downtown cities or malls.

Ask the local board of health to inspect your location before you sign a lease or purchase the property. There are specific requirements for food establishments but these vary from county to county and state to state so call your board of health first. Also check with local authorities to buy any licenses or permits you will need.

Make any renovations necessary such as adding stainless steel sinks and tiling the kitchen area where the food is prepared.

Create a menu for your sandwich shop. Be unique if possible. If you do not have a unique sandwich try a unique way of making an existing sandwich.

Purchase the inventory you will need to get started. Your list should include bread, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato and other items you will need to make the sandwiches on your menu.

Hire any employees you will need to get started. You may want to wait to hire anyone until you open and see what how much business you have. Many sandwich shops can operate with only one or two people.

Advertise opening day at your sandwich shop with flyers in the neighborhood and a banner sign on the door and in the store window. Open your shop on the date you gave and stick to the hours of operation you posted.

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