How to Open a Grillz Shop

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Open a Grillz Shop. Grillz are removable dental accessories. These flashy dental fashions are very popular in urban areas, especially with people who are into the hip hop or rap scenes.

Acquire enough capital to finance your Grillz shop. You will need money for your shop, business licensing, staff, operating expenses and inventory.

Find a supplier for your store's Grillz, or design your own. Look at what your competition has to offer to get ideas, or sign up for their affiliate programs. Some of these companies also offer wholesale products to shops.

Buy your supplies and inventory. This may include pre-made Grillz or materials to make your own Grillz. If designing and manufacturing your own Grillz, make sure you use materials that are non-toxic, that are formable and that are capable of standing up to saliva and heat.

Develop and implement a marketing plan that features your designs. Make sure that your marketing plan includes a website. Also consider placing adds in dentistry magazines and target local dentists offices to see if they will carry or promote your products.

Apply for licensing and professional liability insurance. You will need a vendor's license or a small business license depending on what state you work in. Since you have products that could potential cause physical injury to someone, then you need to get both product liability insurance as well as general professional liability insurance.

Find a location for your business that is close to a fashion district or that is close to dental offices. If you don't want to invest in a physical store, then you have the option of setting up a virtual store online. This is a good option for smaller scale operations or for entrepreneurs with limited start-up capital.

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