How to Create an Employee Training Information Chart

How to Create an Employee Training Information Chart. Businesses today invest thousands of dollars on employee training courses designed to enhance the work environment, increase productivity and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. A records retention system can help you keep track of all the training courses your employees have completed. Follow these steps to creating an Employee Training Information Chart.

Use Excel or any software program that prepares spreadsheets. Open a "Blank Document." Click in several of the cells and merge them into one main cell. Type the title, "Employee Training Information Chart."

Add employee identification data directly beneath the title. Standard information includes the last name, first name, hire date, title position, direct reports and department name. Insert two main columns and title one, "Training Course" and the other "Date." Save the document as, "Employee Training Information Chart Template."

Format the document for easy printing. Access the print preview mode of the program and set the page breaks to the page orientation, portrait or landscape. Insert the page number. Attach the author, file location, entry and word document number in the footer of the chart.

Create the first employee record. Open the "Employee Training Information Chart Template." Save it as a new document using the employee's last name and then first name as the title. Create a new folder for each employee or just one main folder for the template and individual documents.

Review the employee's training information data on the source document. Insert the course identification in the rows beneath the "Training Course" column. Insert the date each course was offered in the rows beneath the "Date" column. Update the footer with the entry date, if necessary.


  • It is helpful to create one master document that summarizes training information on every employee. This allows quick sorting by employee, date and training course for Quality & Regulatory Reports.

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