How to Start a Computer Security Consulting Business

How to Start a Computer Security Consulting Business. A computer security consulting business specializes in providing companies with the tools needed to protect their networks, offer safe product distribution, conduct audits and perform testing in regard to distribution and net communications. A consultant who specializes in computer security has knowledge about the working systems encompassed in online networks rather than about the software or hardware of a computer.

Learn about the two security systems that are most requested by firms: safe credit-card processing and data-leak prevention. All online businesses and most companies that operate on a network basis will require safe transactions at one point or another. Security consultants owe over 60 percent of their business to these types of transactions.

Decide whether you will specialize in one industry or will provide consulting services to several of them. The biggest clients often come from banking, finance, retail and health-care sectors. It pays to understand the basic functioning of these industries in order to be able to provide them with the type of products they need.

Set up a website. Unless you work directly for a company or get your clients through word of mouth or referrals, your best chance to land new accounts is to have a strong online presence. This can be achieved through the setup of a strong website that showcases your team's areas of expertise and examples of companies you have helped in the past.

Start with the right equipment. You will need a powerful computer, fast Internet access and software to help you set up security software, watermarking, security warnings and other tools to help companies protect their businesses online. If you don't provide these services yourself, it makes sense to team up with other experts who do, so you can work on referrals to grow your business.

Find out about the local licenses or permits needed to start a consulting business in your area. Some cities require you to register your business, even if you run it from home. In other places, it is enough to have a separate bank account to handle transactions (opened with your business name rather than your own name) in order to establish your professional capacity.


  • People skills are a must in this field. While other types of computer consultants can start a business directly from home and operate mostly over the phone, a security consultant often attends meetings and interacts with company executives for months at a time.