How to Make Meetings Fun

How to Make Meetings Fun. As a manager, you are charged with facilitating those dreaded office meetings. Okay, maybe not dreaded, but getting people ready to attend meetings can be very challenging. Different managers have different philosophies about how to make meetings fun, but overall, it seems employees respect having a greater freedom about their participation and a greater hand in initiating group work.

Empower your employees. Your employees will have more fun at meetings when they feel a sense of positive engagement in the company processes. Make it clear that employees have a hand in the matters being discussed.

Keep it light. Don't try to get everyone into overly technical decisions in office matters. These are for you to handle yourself, or delegate. Stay away from a lot of peripheral information at meetings, and definitely stay away from the "three big ones": personal economics, religion and politics.

Have appropriate celebrations of employee birthdays. A cake is fine, but don't try to delegate the cake cutting. Do it yourself, your employees will appreciate the small services you make to them as a leader.

Keep PowerPoint to a minimum. When the lights go down, and the slides start marching, early-morning meetings become snooze-fests as employees sit back in their chairs and doze. Try to keep meetings in afternoon hours when people will be more awake.

Keep it natural. Trying to artificially energize people with mandatory games can often backfire. Instead, be reasonable in using optional activities to engage your staff. They will most likely respond well to this flexibility in leadership.


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