How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business. Owning and operating an ice cream truck business is an interesting and exciting career to have. It can be very lucrative, if the person has a good entrepreneurial spirit and a good business plan. Use the information below for starting an ice cream truck business.

Get everything needed for the business. Carefully consider your budget, and then shop around for the best one for your money. Consider size, gas mileage, freezer size. Look at new custom-made ones or used in the classified ads. They range from little scooters to large vans. The truck or van needs to have the proper signs and decals for safety and marketing purposes.

Obtain the proper licensing for operating an ice cream truck. This varies from city to city. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for information. You may also need to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Contact the Health Department. The tuck needs to be inspected on a regular basis for the ability to distribute food.

Understand cost versus profit when operating your business. This helps determine which products to sell, and how much to sell them for. It may help to take a business course or at least read about entrepreneurship before beginning. A couple of bestsellers are "Small Business Owner's Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Start up and Run Your Business" and "The McGraw-Hill Guide to Starting Your Own Business."

Establish a route, and keep it. Set up a weekly route that finds children in their neighborhoods or collected in public places. Have customers expect you each week, and work up a regular customer base.


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