How to Write Real Estate Ads

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Real estate ads are the first introduction of a potential new home to a prospective buyer. The ad needs to be concise while relaying all the pertinent information important to buyers. Using the owner's experience living in the home can help decipher the best details to highlight in the ad.

Target Audience

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer and including what might appeal to them in the ad. The home features that captured you can also appeal to others with similar vision and goals for a home. Highlighting these details in the ad will make it stand apart from other homes and captivate buyers.

Use Brand Names

Use specific brand names when describing the home. For example, when listing kitchen appliances, specific brand names do more than simply referencing a "modern, remodeled kitchen." Not only do the brand names demonstrate the quality of the items, it can also help the buyer envision the room.

Capture Attention

Catchy headlines highlighting interesting elements of the house can prompt buyers to read through the entire ad. For example, if the home has a spacious, finished basement or a three car garage, the headline could read "A Place For Everything..." Reiterating the headline in the ad will remind readers of what initially captured their attention. For example, the ad could read, "the finished basement and spacious garage provide a place for everything and a home with everything in its place."

Sell the Living Experience

Don't just sell the home in your ad as a collection of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. You want to sell the idea of living there as well. Highlight the hidden amenities like revamped walk-in closets, a sunroom perfect for a Christmas tree or a shaded spot in the backyard. Use the experience of living in the home to sell the space.