How to Open a Bakery and Deli

How to Open a Bakery and Deli. If you want to open a bakery and deli, there are a lot of obstacles you have to overcome before your doors can open. While opening a bakery and deli is a huge task, you can do it by following some steps to make sure you thoroughly complete each part of the process.

Brainstorm about your vision for your bakery and deli. Think about the types of foods you are going to serve and what type of equipment you need. Research how to get a food license in your area. Finalize your vision, or you won't be able to proceed without having to go back and fill the holes in your plan.

Secure financial backing for your bakery and deli. Oftentimes the most difficult part in opening up a new business is getting the proper financial backing. Contact local banks and try to secure a business loan. Also attempt to get a small business loan from the government.

Find a location for your bakery and deli. The location should be a place where you can draw customers from street traffic and foot traffic. Picking an area near tourist attractions, universities or business districts is a good idea. The business space must give you enough room to house all the equipment you will need. If you are offering a sit-down area, allow room for chairs and tables. Once you have leased your location, you can start moving in your equipment.

Purchase ovens and other kitchen equipment from a restaurant equipment supplier. Burkett Restaurant Equipment and Supplies offers new and used bakery equipment at low prices. Purchase ovens, refrigerators and all the kitchen supplies you need to open your bakery. You can also lease the equipment if you do not have the money to buy it up front.

Develop a menu. Decide exactly what items you want to sell. Purchase your ingredients from a food wholesaler in your area. Use your local phone book to locate several wholesalers, and take bids from each. Select the supplier that can provide the type of ingredients and foods that you need to start your bakery and deli.

Hire your staff. Unless this is a family venture, you need some outside help. A good place to look for workers is on the Monster website. Post your job there to find help for your new bakery and deli. Hiring a good baker and responsible staff is key to the success of your business. After you know how much your overhead is going to be, finalize your menu prices.

Prepare for your grand opening. Make sure all the equipment is in working order. Have plans to meet the food demands of your customers, varying from low demand to high demand. Clearly label your prices and keep your new bakery and deli as clean as possible.


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