Successful bars come in all shapes and sizes. At one end of the spectrum are high-end bars the cater to high-level clientele and service high-price drinks. At the other end of the spectrum, are local watering holes that cater to working class patrons who prefer to drink cheap beer. Some bars make the majority of their money on weekends, drawing people in with live music, while other bars build up a strong clientele with fine cuisine.

Find a location. The location can make or break a bar. Things to consider are parking availability, and the surrounding businesses and bar competition. More desired real estate in high traffic areas, obviously comes at a higher price. Consider the bar patrons that you are targeting. If you are interested in attracting a young college age crowd, then find an area close to the college or university.

Take advantage of the geographical location of the bar. If the bar is in the delta region of Mississippi, a blues theme bar is profitable idea. Blues fans, from all around the world, travel to the Mississippi Delta to listen to authentic Mississippi blues. If your location in on the Gulf Coast, place the emphasis on the beach and vacation lifestyle. These are just a couple of examples.

Search for an appropriate venue for the bar. The type of building is dependent upon the type of bar that you are opening. Taking over a previously run establishment has a number of advantages, which may include a bar and all the necessary equipment and tools necessary for running a bar. If the plan is to feature live music, a building with a stage or performance space is essential. A sports bar needs space to set up a number of televisions including, perhaps, a big-screen TV.

Research the rules and regulations for operating a bar in Mississippi. Bars and nightclubs have to comply with federal and state laws and regulations. Take the time to do all the necessary research so that you don't get caught off guard. Two helpful sites that provide information and advice about operating small businesses in Mississippi are and Mississippi Small Business Development at The first site will inform you about state laws and regulations. The second site presents a number of tips and strategies for opening a business in Mississippi.

Develop a business plan. The first step is to determine what the initial costs are in opening a bar business and where the money is coming from. The initial costs includes things like advertising and promotion, inventory, licensing and permits, utility deposits, rent, and furniture and decorations. Decide if you want to front the expense alone, apply for a small business loan, or have business partners or business partners. To convince a bank to loan you the money, or partners to invest in the business, it is necessary to have a clear and detailed strategy for making the bar a profitable business.

Apply for a liquor license. This may be the most essential step of all. Nothing else matters if you are unable to get a liquor license.