How to Open a Taqueria

How to Open a Taqueria. The word "taqueria" originally referred to street vendors who specialized in Mexican food like tacos or burritos. Taquerias have become a popular small business venture for many beginner restaurateurs. With a few simple steps, you open your own taqueria.

Research a location. In some parts of the country, Mexican food is more popular than others. Try to find a location that isn't overrun by similar businesses. Also, consider opening your Mexican taqueria in a location conducive to fast food like a convenience store or strip mall.

Choose to prepare simple, cost-effective dishes. Mexican food in itself is quite inexpensive to prepare because most of the ingredients can be used in various ways and in multiple dishes.

Use simple, distinctive flavors. In order to set your food apart from others, try using a few distinctive, unique ingredients. Whether it's a special mole sauce in the burritos or pickled cabbage on the tacos, a few surprises will help get the public's attention.

Hire a dependable staff. New restaurants require a great deal of work, and most of the time the bulk of responsibility falls on the owners. However, if you can find a few dependable employees for your small business, you'll be much better off.

Advertise to get attention and stay consistent. To bring in additional business, run grand opening specials or otherwise advertise so as to bring more bodies into your Mexican taqueria. If you impress with your food and hospitality and remain consistent beyond the grand opening, your customers will return.


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