How to Use Foam Packaging Materials for Shipping

Foam packaging material is great to use for shipping your items. It comes in many different styles and shapes, so there is always a way to ship any item using foam packaging. Picking the right foam packaging material is important in maximizing the safety of your item without spending more than you have to.

Determine how much cushion your product is going to need. Provide more cushioning for high value and heavier items. Pick a box that is going to leave enough room for your packaging materials.

Package your items with foam peanuts in most cases. This is the cheapest kind of foam packaging and the most versatile. Pour some peanuts in the bottom of the box, place the item in the box and fill the rest of the space around and on top of the item with the peanuts.

Create custom-fit foam packaging for high-value or fragile objects. Do it yourself or special-order from a specialty packing store or website. This is more expensive but worth it if you want to protect your product.

Shake the package after you are finished packaging it. The item should hardly move for maximum cushioning. If it does move around quite a bit, then you need to add some more packaging.


  • Save foam packaging material from any packages you receive or items you buy. This can be reused if you do a lot of packaging.


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