How to Get a Tattoo Business License. Much like any other business, you will need a license to open a tattoo parlor. Your license will come from the governing authorities for your business location. Take a look at these steps for obtaining a business license for your tattoo business.

Step 1.

Educate yourself on your local and state government requirements for starting a business. Keep in mind that a tattoo business is specialized and you will likely need special training and certifications for the tattoo equipment.

Step 2.

Contact the government offices to request the proper application forms for your business license. Many state governments will maintain websites that give you access to the forms electronically, and some may allow you to submit them online as well. Local governments may or may not have a website with the application forms.

Step 3.

Determine what health permits you need to establish your tattoo business. You will receive a health permit for your business once the health department ensures you meet the proper regulatory requirements. Requirements are in place to ensure your business does not contaminate clients with diseases such as hepatitis during the tattooing process. The health department will verify that your business properly uses, sterilizes and stores your tattoo equipment and that you discard of used consumables according to health codes.

Step 4.

Submit the proper forms to apply for a business license. Complete the forms entirely and if there are any questions regarding the forms, contact the business licensing office. You will also need to submit the appropriate fees for the application and licensing.

Step 5.

Check on the rules for maintaining your license, including yearly dues and reapplication procedures.