How to Greet Customers

How to Greet Customers. We hear over and over, in every context, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Never is that saying so vital as when you are in sales. An entire business relationship is often based on that first contact or the greeting. Your greeting tells customers who you are and how you feel, and they are evaluating what kind of service they can expect from you.

Psyche yourself into a positive frame of mind before you meet a customer. If you work in retail, do it on the way to work or when you first enter the building. If you make calls, do it before each call.

Prepare to greet customers by writing a script or learning your company's policy customer service greeting. Also, use the person's name if you know it.

Watch for telltale signs of things the customer finds interesting. For example, note what kind of car the customer drives or what he or she is wearing. If the customer has children tagging along, bend down to say hello to them.

After saying hello, make some mundane remark about what you have noticed or about the weather. Begin talking about anything except what you are selling. Chat until you get a smile or a piece of conversation in return.

Introduce yourself with an outstretched hand. If the customer knows you, extend your hand for a shake and tell him or her how nice it is to see them again.

Ask how you can be of service, then shut up. Many salespeople talk themselves right out of sales by talking too much. Work to keep the customer talking with probing questions.

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