How to Use Media Mail Through the United States Postal Office

How to Use Media Mail Through the United States Postal Office. If you are an online seller of books, movies or music, you can use media mail to send your packages at a substantial discount over first class mail. Here's how it works.

Adhere to the requirements of media mail. It is intended for packages under 70 pounds. Media mail delivery takes two to nine days, and even longer for destinations such as Alaska and Hawaii. The maximum package size is 108 inches in combined distance around the biggest part of the parcel and length.

Know the cost of media mail. The post office uses a sliding weight scale for postage rates for media mail, with one pound being the lowest rate classification. If you are mailing items that weigh less than one pound, first class mail is often cheaper than media mail.

Identify your media mail package properly. Display the words "Media Mail" prominently on the package in order to qualify for the rate. You can write "Media Mail" on the package yourself or get a post office worker to use an official media mail stamp.

Visit the United States Postal Office website (see Resources below) to input information about the package you wish to mail, including weight and destination ZIP code. You can get an estimate of the cost to mail the item via media mail.


  • Despite its name, media mail can not contain advertising.


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